Blue Dream

The Blue Dream is a 2004 Jeanneau 54 DS designed with sailing performance in mind while not compromising the demands for a luxury sailing yacht. She is one of Jeanneau Yacht’s most popular models and was the flagship of the company for many years. Her deck layout is well thought out allowing for multiple relaxation areas within her multi-level cockpit. Also her size allows a subtle feeling of security and power while commanding the yacht from one of her two helm stations.

Chosen with you in mind

When searching for the perfect vessel to start a daysail charter operation, we wanted the best combination of lounging deck space, sailing performance, and a size big enough that even those who have never sailed before would feel comfortable sailing at full speed. The Blue Dream was our answer to all of this.

Spacious Cockpit

Our spacious, multi level cockpit, with plush ultra comfortable cushions lets you experience sailing in style and comfort.

Tons of Shade

Our cockpit is fully covered overhead by Sunbrella keeping you cool and out of the sun.

Sunning lounge on the Foredeck

If you want to get your tan on, we have lounging cushions on the large foredeck for you to soak up the rays.

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