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Best Places to Sail
in the Virgin Islands

Build you own amazing day charter experience by picking some of our top destinations in the Virgin Islands!

Maho Bay, St. John

One of our most popular destinations, snorkel with some of the friendliest turtles in the world in an idyllic calm bay located on the North side of St. John in the National Park. There is phenomenal snorkeling and an amazing beach.

Picture of rocky beach with the ocean

Christmas Cove, Great St. James Island

Located off the southwest coast of St. Thomas, this calm bay has crystal clear waters for excellent snorkeling and water sports activities. Fish Cay which is located in the bay has some of the best reef snorkeling that St. Thomas has to offer. Christmas Cove is also home to Pizza Pi! One of the best floating pizza restaurants in the world, inquire about adding this to your excursion.

a large body of water

Honeymoon Beach, St. John

One of the most beautiful beaches in the St. John National park, it also boasts great snorkeling and a fun beach bar! This area is rich with history that your crew will tell you all about.

A beach with people

Lovango Island

Best known for its amazing reef snorkeling and crystal clear water, this is a small island off the coast of St. John.  It also features a boutique resort with an excellent restaurant and bar if you prefer a high end lunch off the boat during your charter.

a large body of water

Scott Beach, St. John

An amazing combination of snorkeling off the beach and right into an amazing reef with turtles lounging in shallow sunny waters. This is a top spot and a highlight on many of our trips. This spot is currently only accessible by boat making it a great spot to get away from the crowds.

A large body of water

Cruz Bay, St. John

The main “town” on St. John has much to offer from beach bars to shopping and everything in between including the only brewery on St. John. Your crew can drop you off for a quick shopping trip or drinks and lunch if you would like to experience this cultural hot spot dubbed “Love City” for its laid back Caribbean charm.

a small boat in a body of water

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